Temporary staffing is a service PERSOL provides, where our registered temporary staff recruits handle tasks as requested and instructed by the client company they are placed in. As we are able to secure human resources with the required skills swiftly when necessary, we can support your needs in various business scenes.

Furthermore, PERSOL takes care of various tasks such as payments to temporary staff and social insurance procedures, which can alleviate your company's personnel management burdens. We can place the perfect staff to meet your needs through selection of the many registered specialists in various fields from office work to specialized jobs.



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Access human resources with required skills whenever necessary

Whether it is for one day, long-term employment, or short-term or 3 days per week employment during busy periods, we can offer flexible staffing to meet your needs.


Reduce costs, tasks and time required for recruitment and employment

There is no need for your company to recruit people—we can speedily secure the human resources immediately ready to work for you.


Reduce personnel management costs, such as salary payments and social insurance procedures.

No more worries about salary calculation or social insurance procedures. Our service will help you by reducing personnel management burdens and costs.


Case studies 1


Information Service / Accounting Department


Our accounting staff faces sharp increase of overtime work

During accounting periods our accounting staff faces a sharp increase of overtime work hours. While overtime pay is a concern, we are also worried about their well-being. But we can’t just place extra people who have no accounting knowledge.


Introducing temporary staff with accounting experience to work for the period required

PERSOL introduced temporary staff with actual accounting experience from the many skilled people registered with us. After confirming the type of accounting software used at this particular company, we introduced people with experience using the same software to immediately handle the required tasks. We were also able to bring the time and effort required for staff training to a minimum.

Case studies 2


Foreign Electronics Device Manufacturer / Systems Division


We need someone with knowledge in specialized terminologies

It has been decided that our company core system will be integrated with that of our US head office. During the preparation for the consolidation we need to contact the Systems Division at our US head office through video conferencing and provide information through documents. We do have employees who can handle interpreting and translation tasks, but they are not proficient in systems-related terminologies.


Introducing temporary staff with SE background

PERSOL introduced someone with an SE background and 2 years of experience in interpreting to handle the required interpreting and translation tasks in the 1.5-year period between the preparation to the testing after the completion of the consolidation. The person we introduced was proficient in basic knowledge of specialized terminologies and system, ensuring that there were no errors in information given during all interpreting and translations, and thus contributed to the immense project of consolidating core company systems.

Case studies 3


Pharmaceutical Company / Research Division


We are looking for people with actual experience in measuring and analyzing.

Our research staff at our research laboratory will be on childcare leave, during which period we would like to employ a temporary replacement. The temporary staff must have actual experience using analytical equipment such as HPLC and GC.


Introducing staff with required skills for the required period

PERSOL introduced someone with a university degree in Applied Chemistry who has experience with quantitative analysis while working at the quality control division of a pesticide manufacturer. In addition to having experience using HPLC, the person was also familiar with LC/MS during college years, and was actively ready to take on the temporary position immediately, despite being employed to fill in for the designated period only.

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