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Our Order Process


To save our client’s time & effort in screening resumes and extra advertisement costs, we adapt the following procedures to ensure high efficiency in candidate selection. Click here to send us order form.

Step 1: Ordering

You can contact us by phone, email, fax or fill in the order form from our website.

Step 2: Discussion

We will schedule an appointment to visit your office for further discussion or contact by phone or emails to get more candidate search requirement.

Step 3: Recommendation

Based on your requirements, the respective consultants will propose potential candidates for your consideration.

Step 4: Interview

Once we received your interview request, we will arrange the interview immediately with selected candidates.

Step 5: Offer Confirmation

To give an offer to your selected candidate, we will assist in supporting for employment, signing the Offering Letter, and applying Working Visa for non Hong Kong residents.

Step 6: Follow-up

We will stay in close relationship with you and your new employee to provide any follow-up service required. We can provide the guarantee period.


Please fill in the below order form and press submit OR email your order to info@persolhk.com