With over 20 years of experience locally, our permanent recruitment service allows our clients benefit from getting the finest candidates and saving time from selection process.

Hiring a right talent is important as this directly drives the business performance. Our large pool of qualified candidates ensures the timely and quality recruiting process. To fulfill the competencies required of each vacancy, our resourceful consultants perform a unique talent mapping to validate and pinpoint the potential candidates. On top of the qualification and experience, our professional consultants also pay close attention to candidate’s personality against different corporate values and cultures.


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Efficient, highly accurate recruitment and employment

Interviews and screenings are conducted by narrowing human resources based on the given job requirements to ensure more efficient and highly accurate recruitment and employment. Our specialist consultants make efforts to understand your company’s management policies and culture in order to grasp your requests and the issues you face.


Clarifying of recruitment costs through our contingent fee system

You will not waste any money on any cost as no fees are incurred until you have determined to employ the introduced staff, making the recruitment cost per person clear.

* When using this service, the introduction fee upon your decision to employ the staff will be payable.


Service system that ensures quality

Our specialist consultants will propose the best recruitment method to respond to your recruitment needs and the type of workforce required. We also provide complete support covering all recruitment tasks, such as adjustment of recruitment conditions and pre-employment follow-up.


Specialized industries

Our strength

We respond to a wide range of areas, from various office tasks to specialized jobs.


Talents with multiple-language ability

●  English


  Banking & Finance
●  Food & Beverage
●  Garments / Fashion
●  Information Technology (I.T.)
●  Logistics
●  Manufacturing
●  Retail
●  Trading


●  Administration
●  Human Resource (HR)
●  Merchandising
●  Purchasing
●  Sales / Business Development
●  Sales support / coordinator
●  Marketing

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