Payroll processing is one of the essential back-office activities that requires a great deal of time. To be cost- effective and comply with a wide range of laws, outsourcing the in-house payroll processing could be an alternative.

PERSOL Payroll Outsourcing Service provide comprehensive and professional service on payroll administration for your company, which improve the effectiveness and efficiency in payroll processing.

Scope of Service

General service Attendance record processing
(Raw data to be confirmed by client)
Monthly payroll
(Calculations, processing of payments)
MPF (Calculations, processing of contributions)
Monthly Report
(Payroll summary report)
Tax filing (IR56B, E, F, and G)
Additional service
(extra charge may incur)
Leave record management
Commission calculation (Depends on situation)
Extra reports
Other (Upon request)


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Key benefits

Reduce Cost & Save Time

Payroll processing is a time- consuming process which requires lots of administrative tasks. Outsourcing payroll could reduce the cost and time associated with payroll-related activities and system. Your company could concentrate on core business by reducing administrative burden.

Keep Confidential & Ensure Accuracy

Instead of conducting in-house payroll processing, outsourcing payroll could minimize the potential leakage of confidential data and eliminate redundant backup and maintenance. The records could be maintained accurately and safely.


Comply with Payroll-related Law

With our team of professional experts, the complicated payroll administration and processing could keep up and stay compliant with the employment laws and regulations in Hong Kong.



Common cases

  (Case 1)

Focus on core business


Current HR staff needs to use most of the time to handle payroll calculation, but no time to do strategic planning.


Company can outsource their payroll to let their HR staff to do more strategic planning or other HR duties.

  (Case 2)

Keep salary information confidential


Some of the salary information may not be appropriate to be disclosed to HR staff.


Outsource to payroll service provider can let the company keep the salary information confidential to all staff.

  (Case 3)

Ensure accuracy and on-time


Payroll staff resigned with a short notice period and no one is able to handle the payroll.


Payroll service provider can handle the payroll process accurately and on schedule.  

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